Water Heating System

Herambh Coolingz is engrossed in fabricating premium quality Water Heating Systemthat is actually an electro mechanical device, used for extracting heat from surrounding air & transfer the same to water. Our name is noted among the top-notch Water Heating System Manufacturers, thus, we are here with our comprehensive range that you can pick as per the need of your process. Our eye on quality and attaining 100% client satisfaction has made it possible for us to maintain standards in our manufacturing facility, so, our clients will get only the best they are paying us for.

In fact, the hot water can be up to 60°C at very low energy consumption and needs low space. It can also be up to 75°C for the particular functions. Energy Saver Water Heater is widely used in several industries like Processing, Laundry, Food Process, Dairy, Domestic, etc. Our entire array is checked on several quality control measures and as per the latest industry standards & norms.

Being one of the trustworthy companies, we only use superior quality components while manufacturing our equipments. Our offered range of Domestic Water Heater is known due to it easy installation, fully automatic, no interface, and low space qualities. So, we are counted amidst the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Industrial Water Heating System Suppliers from Aurangabad (Maharashtra), India.

Exporters of Water Heating System   Manufacturers of Water Heating System Suppliers of Water Heating System
Exporters of Water Heating System Manufacturers of Water Heating System Exporters of Water Heating System

Features of Water Heating System

  • Eco-friendly with low carbon footprint
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Low space
  • No human interface
  • Pollution free
  • No fire hazards
  • Electrical shock resistance
  • Offers hot water all over the year under all adverse weather conditions
  • Fully automatic with fault logic

Application Areas of Industrial Water Heating System

  • Hospitals
  • Dormitories & Guest Houses
  • Hotels
  • Process Industry
  • Laundry
  • Food Process Industry
  • Dairy
  • Domestic

Technical Specification of Water Heating System

  • Capacity based on standard test conditions
  • Physical Dimensions does not comprise of tank
  • Specifications are capable to alter without prior notice

How to select best water heating system?

If you have been for long hunting for water heating system but unable to get a right one then this article can be of great help to you. Get low down here to know about different types of water heating systems and draw some helpful tips in choosing the right model.

If so far you were not aware of the water heating system’s mechanism then it is essential for you to know that water heating system is the second largest energy consumers’ item in your home. And thus it becomes one of the crucial reasons as in why you should always be careful about selecting the right water heating solution. When going to purchase a new hot water unit or perhaps switching from one to another water heating set-up there are several vital factors that need to be considered and ought to be thoroughly contemplated upon.

Reviews of the water heater based on Fuel Source

There may be many water heating system manufacturers but prefer selecting the one who give you complete and accurate information. It is advised to choose the manufacturers who offer you a model with high energy factor EF. Remember the higher the better. The biggest advantage is that they produce hot water by making use of cheaper fuel source.

Electric water heating appliance is a good pick as the gas is not a viable solution. Few of the main advantages are the lower initial cost, safety and flexibility, easy installation and others.

Based on the Size and Technology

Another important thing is tank-less heaters that are gaining huge demand. Its major benefits are lack of tank, high efficiency, endless hot water supply, high percentage of replaceable elements, small in size and flexibility during installation and longevity.

Reviews based on Venting

Ideally vent heaters are the appliance having built-in venting system that permits the air in and pushes the fumes out but sans making use of any electric powered blower.

In fact power vent heaters are identical to direct vent models and makes use of electrically operated blower for the assistance that mechanically exhausts the incineration gases outside.

Atmospheric units are making use of vertical vent, either brick chimney or double wall metal. In fact ample air supply has to be delivered for correct gas combustion that generally takes place from inside of the house.

Other types of water heaters

High efficiency water heaters are identified as Energy Star models as they help with better performance, reduce costs and the government grants for their owners.

Different types of water heating system manufacturers that are available in the market and provide array of different water heating systems models. Scan the few relevant models above and the necessary information mentioned to select the best one for you. Make your wise choice. It is also essential to list out the quality manufacturers in your city so that you get the best product in hand.


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